How to Avoid Moving Scams and Stay Safe during Your Next Move

Moving can be a big challenge for everyone as many variables go into the big move. Aside from the significant stress of moving, there are also frauds and scams to think about as well. With the tight competition in the moving business, many companies are aiming to scam their clients with high estimates. While getting a good deal is important when looking for a moving company, don’t get fooled by low rates that are plainly unbelievable.

Here’s how to avoid moving scams and stay safe during your next move.

Do Your Research

If you want to ensure that you are not wasting both time and money, learn how to recognize legit moving companies. Most moving companies are legitimate, but there have been sudden complaints within the recent years. To prevent scams, find several moving companies within your area and compare their rates.

Question their Low Estimate Price

The typical scammers will often give you an incredibly low price over the phone without discussing your changing requirements. With a bargain like that, this makes it hard to beat, especially when they promise to complete the job in a short amount of time. The good thing is that you can avoid scams by interacting with a moving company. Once you get the feeling that there’s nothing wrong, hang up and find another moving company.

They Ask for Cash Only

Most scamming moving companies demand cash as their only way of payment. Legitimate moving companies will ask for a 10 – 20% deposit and will allow credit cards as payments. Scammers favor cash payments as it prevents any track record.

They Don’t Have a Company Website

A legitimate company will always have a website to offer their services and prices. This will allow customers to gain better information about the company and review their services. A site will also provide the necessary details and information about their license to help prevent scams. Ask about their license information and check with the Department of Transportation. If they don’t want to give you to their information, consider it as a red warning sign.

Legit Companies provide a Rights and Responsibilities Report before Scheduling an Appointment

As required by federal regulations, all moving businesses and services must provide their booklet that includes information.

Moving Companies have their branded company trucks

Legitimate moving companies must have their branded company vehicles. Without it, consider the high risk of a scam if they use an unsigned vehicle or rental truck.

Check Their Reviews

Before booking with a moving company, read their reviews, rating, and consumer reports. Read the complaints and testimonials online to give you a better insight on how well the company works.

Notice the Red Flags

There are some things to consider when spotting the potential scams. If you call the moving company and receive a generic “moving company, consider this as a sign. No legitimate company will ask you to sign blank pages.

Consider these aspects when trying to avoid moving scams and stay safe during your move.