7 Things to Do Once You’ve Settled Your Move

Moving into a brand new home can be a bit overwhelming. To help you keep your move as relaxed as possible, there are still things to consider once you’ve settled your move. Staying organized will help you settle into your new home as quickly as possible and get your home ready for occupying.

Here are four things to do once you’ve settled your move.

Inspect the house for insects

Make the time to check your new home days before moving in. Check for insects, rodents, etc. if you find any proof of insects call an exterminator or set off a bug bomb. This will help you to avoid dealing with bugs when you move in, or else you will have trouble getting rid of them after you’ve unpacked. Bug-proofing your home before you move in will also prevent the risk of exposing your family to harmful chemicals.

Re-check your boxes

Once your shipped boxes have arrived, check your items immediately to see if they have arrived unharmed. Check the most fragile items, as this will work as an indication that your items arrived in excellent condition.

Follow your home checklist

After you unpack the essentials for your home, check our list to ensure that you have everything you need for your daily use. Keep all boxes organized with clear labels to provide an easy search.

Change your locks on all doors

As soon as you move into your new house, change your locks. You never know how many people may still have spare keys to your home. This makes changing the locks essential to help to eliminate your risk of safety and security as well as give you a peace of mind.

Start unpacking each room one at a time

Once you have arrived at your new home, look for the boxes you need for your commonly used rooms. It prevents the panic of rummaging through all the boxes. Apparently, label the great daily boxes to make sure that you can make your bed and prepare your meals. Then, you can take your time unpacking everything else you need.

Explore the vicinity

Once you’ve removed your belongings, take the time to explore the new area and meet your neighbors. Find out where all the great hot spots are and familiar yourself with your new surroundings. While you don’t have to become best friends with your neighbors, introduce yourself to your new neighbors and set up a new foundation of neighborhood friends.

Have a get-together at your new house

Moving into a new home can feel a bit unsettling, especially if you live somewhere new and don’t know anyone. Once you have unpacked your things and prepared your home, invite family and friends over for a get-together. This will help you feel more at home and welcome the new chapter in your life.

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Basic Moving Rules for the First-Time Homeowner

For first-time homebuyers, many often get surprised when they realize how much effort and work it takes to set up the house. Moving into your new home requires many essential actions to figure out how to adjust as a first-time homeowner.

Here are the basic moving rules for the first-time homeowner.

Prepare Your Budget

Once you set up your down payment, prepared for the utilities and begin making your new home, all this can put a strain on your budget. It’s a good idea to plan ahead and save your expenses before moving in. Preparing a decent budget will allow you to make essential purchases after your big move. Planning your task in advanced will contribute to making your move go so much smoother. Keep all documents in an accessible location and keep track of all expenses you make along the way.

Create a Checklist for everything

More homebuyers will consider the obvious things like food, bills, and furniture. But there are also other things to consider that many forget about. Examine the needs for the blinds, curtains, cleaners, and the cost of replacements.

Know Your Moving Company

Hiring a moving company will help you save time and stress, and even make sure that your belongings are ready to move. While it may be cheaper to ask for your friends help, don’t forget to consider the costs of doing it yourself. There are still moving expenses involved such as materials and rental fees.

Get rid of the unnecessary items

Most first-time homebuyers tend to have more than they should when it comes to décor that was used in their previous apartments. If you are moving somewhere far, consider donating things that you don’t use or need or give it to a friend who seems interested in it.

Less is more

When it comes to moving, try holding off on the main appliances and furniture until after you moved into your new home.  Reducing the number of things you need to will lighten upload and even help save you on costs. Also, consider shipping your boxes ahead of time.

Switch the Utilities

Once you hit you’ve hit your closing date, content your utility company and set up the service switch. This will allow you to move into a home that is ready to occupy.

Carry the Valuable Items

When moving to a new home, make it your responsibility to bring in your valuable items instead of the moving company. This will help ease the stress of losing something valuable and make sure that you know where your things are.

Consider the Exterior of the Home
Not all first-time buyers examine the aspects of the exterior of the home. Having a few essential tools will come in handy when cleaning your lawn, especially when you move in. You will find them useful for the next years to come and even be prepared for any mishaps.

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5 Tips on How to Move During the Holiday Season

While moving during the holiday season is considered as a must-avoid situation, some people have little to no choice but to make progress during the holidays. If you are planning your move during the holidays, we’ve got some steps on how to reduce your stress and make a move less strenuous.

Here are 5 Tips on How to Move during The Holiday Season.

Hire a Reliable Move That is Certified

Choose a reputable moving company that provides consumer protection and license to help customers identify quality movers. You can avoid becoming a victim of the notorious moving scams by checking their license and certification. Also be sure to keep in mind that movers are hesitant to move long travels during the holidays as they are usually short-staffed during the winter season.

Put More Thought Into How You Pack

If you are moving during the Christmas season, make sure to put extra thought into what you pack. Choose to pack only the necessary items for your household that you won’t need until the holidays. Pack and label the items and prepare them for the holidays to save you time.

Timing is everything

The winter season is not the peak moving season. However, it is a highly busy time for everyone. After all, everyone has holiday commitments. If you are planning to hire a moving company, it is important to book a moving company that will be able to provide service as soon as possible.

While you can’t control the weather, be prepared for sudden drops in temperature as the winter season can be dangerous and even pose a serious threat during your move.

If you are planning your big move during the holidays, especially as it is the middle of the school year, be prepared to ensure that you have all the necessary documents and records. Keep in mind that the holiday weekend costs much more than moving during a non-holiday. Also, consider the traffic.

Check Your Budget

With all the holiday expenses that occur during the holiday months, it is often hard to stay on budget. When you add the moving expenses – you might have to end up tightening your budget even further. You can also save a few bucks by scheduling your move during the week. Keep costs low by avoiding expensive boxes and head to your local grocery stores, office, or even U-Haul box exchange.

Consider the Safety

Home robberies and invasions are known to increase during the winter season. The last thing you what is a break-in during the process of moving. Secure a security system before you move in and install the system before getting adjusted.

While you may be stressed from moving during the holiday season, be sure to take the time to relax and enjoy the season with your family. As moving during the holiday can cause more chaos than any other month, staying prepare will help get you through the season.


How to Avoid Moving Scams and Stay Safe during Your Next Move

Moving can be a big challenge for everyone as many variables go into the big move. Aside from the significant stress of moving, there are also frauds and scams to think about as well. With the tight competition in the moving business, many companies are aiming to scam their clients with high estimates. While getting a good deal is important when looking for a moving company, don’t get fooled by low rates that are plainly unbelievable.

Here’s how to avoid moving scams and stay safe during your next move.

Do Your Research

If you want to ensure that you are not wasting both time and money, learn how to recognize legit moving companies. Most moving companies are legitimate, but there have been sudden complaints within the recent years. To prevent scams, find several moving companies within your area and compare their rates.

Question their Low Estimate Price

The typical scammers will often give you an incredibly low price over the phone without discussing your changing requirements. With a bargain like that, this makes it hard to beat, especially when they promise to complete the job in a short amount of time. The good thing is that you can avoid scams by interacting with a moving company. Once you get the feeling that there’s nothing wrong, hang up and find another moving company.

They Ask for Cash Only

Most scamming moving companies demand cash as their only way of payment. Legitimate moving companies will ask for a 10 – 20% deposit and will allow credit cards as payments. Scammers favor cash payments as it prevents any track record.

They Don’t Have a Company Website

A legitimate company will always have a website to offer their services and prices. This will allow customers to gain better information about the company and review their services. A site will also provide the necessary details and information about their license to help prevent scams. Ask about their license information and check with the Department of Transportation. If they don’t want to give you to their information, consider it as a red warning sign.

Legit Companies provide a Rights and Responsibilities Report before Scheduling an Appointment

As required by federal regulations, all moving businesses and services must provide their booklet that includes information.

Moving Companies have their branded company trucks

Legitimate moving companies must have their branded company vehicles. Without it, consider the high risk of a scam if they use an unsigned vehicle or rental truck.

Check Their Reviews

Before booking with a moving company, read their reviews, rating, and consumer reports. Read the complaints and testimonials online to give you a better insight on how well the company works.

Notice the Red Flags

There are some things to consider when spotting the potential scams. If you call the moving company and receive a generic “moving company, consider this as a sign. No legitimate company will ask you to sign blank pages.

Consider these aspects when trying to avoid moving scams and stay safe during your move.


6 Tips for an Efficient Move

Moving can be stressful for anyone – no matter what season it is. Whether you live in a building, large home or small house; the process of moving be stressful, time-consuming and expensive.

Here are six tips for an efficient move.

Pack It Yourself

Packing is the most vital part of moving. Starting early will ensure that you know where your valuable items are and make sure that you have enough supplies to back your belongings. This will also prevent you from losing your items and throwing them away without notice. Moving companies usually offer packing services that come with boxes at a discounted rate. Consider packing on the light side to help make your moving process go by smoother.

Give Your Movers the Necessary Information

Giving your moving company the information they need as much as possible will contribute to providing an accurate account of possessions and allow them to be aware of potential obstructions such as parking issues, etc. The more information you provide, the more efficient the move will be.

Consider the flat rates
When choosing a fixed rate, there will be no need for stressful extra charges for a broken elevator or horrible traffic. The only time you should choose a company by the hour is when you are moving nearby.

Determine the best time of your move

Moving prices depend on the season, time and month of the move. To secure the best rate, book your move at least three weeks in advance. If you wait until the week of, the prices will increase and often become overbooked.

Consider leaving unnecessary items

If you are planning your move, consider lightening the load and remove your unnecessary items. Not only to lessening your belongings will help save you money, but also lighten the load and space in your new home.

Consider these tips to help you have an effective move. Got any other tips to help smoothen the process of moving? Comment below and tell us what you think!


How to Determine the Best Time for Your Move

Choosing when you move can make all the difference in either an easy process or a difficult one. Every time we make the decision to move, we must consider the factors that go into moving. Here, we will show you how to determine the best time for your move.

 Consider the Seasons

The best time to move is during the off-season of fall and winter. This is the time when removal companies have fewer clients, which allows them to offer low rates and additional coupons. The worst time to move is during the weekends especially at the beginning and end of the month. You may notice the price difference during those times. Get more information on moving from one of our Melbourne moving partners

Choose a licensed company with a strong reputation

While it is important to save money during your move, find a company with a strong reputation and licensed with insurance. Be sure to run a background check and read their reviews to get an outsider’s look at their business results.

Check out the Weather

Good weather is crucial during your move, especially if you plan to move long distance. Plan your move carefully, as where you will make all the difference. Bad weather can be extremely dangerous and even cause damage to your valuable items. This allows more transportation time to ensure the safety of everyone. See more about Melbourne weather here

Are you moving with your family?

Moving during the school seasons is tough for everybody, especially for children. If your kids are going to school, the best thing to do is move during the summer. This will also allow children to adapt better to their new environment and find activities to do during your move.

Forget the Holiday Season

While you may have more free time off during the holidays, traffic will get busier, and many moving companies will offer high rates or no service at all.

Consider these factors when determining the best time to move. With a good plan, you will have a smooth trip and fewer headaches along the way.